Noëlle Maline

Noelle Maline is a California based artist who grew up by the sea in an old lookout tower . Her work is inspired by the things that are left behind .. Stories and messages from the people we never knew and the fog of peculiar experiences .  Sounds from the pipes and paper walls of an old apartment . Her work resides somewhere in the realms of memories and the in-between .. Sleepless dreams and the ghosts of things .

The artist says of her practice ..

Time becomes a fog when communicating with imaginary things .

I am working on documenting invisible threads and recording fragments of imaginary communication into something that is tangible .. Decoding stories, messages and connecting information of signals from the past .

Noelle studied Fine Art , installation and experimental sound at California Institute of the Arts .
Some projects and collaborations include creative director for a traveling museum ~ Musee16 a Diorama of an Art Exhibition , performing live experimental sound installations to 16mm film projections , art director for sets on a few independent films and a hat maker. 
Her recent works continue to entail creating multi layered installations in secret rooms , mixed media collages and sound art .. involving paper , paint , old photographs , vintage magazines and found objects . Collecting remnants , lost images and pockets of artifacts . Translating layers of distant sounds , echoes and shadows by using telephone transmitters , cassette recorders , tape loops and damaged records .







*January 2020 Postcards From the Edge @ Bortolami Gallery , New York , NY

*June 2019 Expo @ Joshua Tree Art Gallery , Joshua Tree , CA

*June 2019 The International Small Art Phenomenon @ Rochester Contemporary Art Center , NY

*March 2019 Her Story @ The Jane Hotel , New York , NY

*March 2019 The Collage Garden @ Denver , CO 

​*June 2018 Chashama Gala Art Show @ Chashama Gallery , New York , NY

*June 2018 Collection of Wild Things @ PM Magazine 

*March 2018 Public Arts @ Public , New York , NY 

*March 2018 Wotisart #12 @ Wotisart Magazine , Liverpool , UK

*March 2018 Average Art 19 @Average Art Magazine , UK

*February 2018 Unnatural Symmetry @ Rochester Collage Society , NY

*November 2017 Wotisart #8 @ Wotisart Magazine , UK

*October 2017 No Restraint @ Ark , Pasadena , CA

*September 2017 Solo Installation @ Diorama , San Francisco , CA

*June 2017 Collection of Wild Things @ PM Magazine 

*March - April  2017 Art on Paper @ Maryland Federation of Art , Annapolis , MD

*November - January 2016/17 Solo Installation @ Stairwell Gallery,  Northwest Film Forum,

Seattle, WA

*November - December 2016 Altered States of Collage - Collage Artists of America National Juried Exhibition @ San Fernando Valley Arts and Cultural Center , CA

*November 2016 Day of the Dead Dada Centennial @ The International Museum of Collage Assemblage and Construction , Santa Fe, NM

*December 2nd - December 26th 2016 Small Wonders @ Maryland Federation of Art ,

Annapolis, MD

*September 17th 2016 Symmetry in Motion @ Studio C Gallery , Los Angeles, CA

*April 1 - April 30 2016 Art on Paper @ Maryland Federation of Art , Annapolis, MD

*November 27 - December 23 2015 Small Wonders @ Maryland Federation of Art , Annapolis, MD

*July 28 - 2015 5 Year Anniversary Art Exhibition , Artist Portfolio Magazine

*July 13 - 2015 SeeMe display at the Louvre Museum , Paris, France

*January 10 - February 1 - 2015  Passage Exhibit @ Verum Ultimum , Portland, OR

*Decemeber 1 - 8 - 2014 Art Takes Miami @ Scope Art Show , Miami, FL

*November 15 - December 22 - 2014 International Juried Show @ HUD Gallery, Ventura, CA

*October 31 - November 17 2014 - Juried Exhibit: Traveling Collection @ Rosebud County Public Library, Forsyth, MT

*September  26 - October 24 2014 - Juried Exhibit: Traveling Collection @ JailHouse Gallery, Hardin, MT

*August 18 - September 19 2014 - Juried Exhibit: Traveling Collection @ Henry A. Malley Memorial Library, Broadus, MT

*August 8 - August 10 2014 - Juried Exhibit: Traveling Collection @ Artists of the Prairie,

Ekalaka, MT

*July 5th - August 15 2014 - Small Wonders @ Dianne Neuman Gallery, Gualala, CA

*July 11th - August 1st 2014 - Juried Exhibit: Traveling Collection @ Bank of Baker & Wells Fargo, Baker, MT

*June 14th - June 27th 2014 - Abracadabra @ Joshua Tree Art Gallery, Joshua Tree, CA

*June 9 - July 3, 2014 - Juried Exhibit: Traveling Collection @ Schoolhouse History and Art Center, Colstrip, MT

*May 21 - June 27, 2014 - The Art of the Collage @ Gallery360, Lancaster, PA

*May 5 - June 2, 2014 - Juried Exhibit: Traveling Collection @ MonDak Heritage Center, MT

*April 11 - May 18, 2014 - Left Coast Annual Juried Exhibition @ Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica, CA

*March 28 - April 25,  2014 - Juried Exhibit: Traveling Collection @ The Gallery, Glendive, MT

*March 7th, 2014 - Year in review 2013 @ Exhibition Space, Armory Week, Long Island City, NY

*January 25 - March 8, 2014 - 35th Annual Juried Show: Works on/of Paper @ WaterWorks Art Museum, Miles City, MT

*March 2013 - MindCamp - Group Show @ Musee16, Los Angeles, CA

*February 2013 - Diorama of an Art Exhibition no.4 - Group Show @ Musee16, Los Angeles, CA

*November 2012 - Current Location - Latitude: 34.0391003, Longitude: 118.2360374 -

An Art Exhibit @ Musee16, Los Angeles, CA

*October 2012 ~ Sound Maps, Solo Show @ University of Redlands, CA

*May 2012 - 'The Mushroom Basement Show' group show @ Musee16, Los Angeles, CA

*February 2012 - 'Diorama of an Art Exhibition no. 3' group show @ Musee16, Los Angeles, CA

*November 2011 - 'Diorama of an Art Exhibition' ~ Installation @ Factory Place, Los Angeles, CA

*June 2011 - 'The Dog's Breakfast" group show @ Musee16, Santa Ana, CA

*April 2011 - 'Ignite: A study from street level' group show @ SPARC Gallery, Venice, CA

*February 2011 - 'Diorama of an art Exhibition no.2' group show @ Musee16, Santa Ana, CA

*December 2010 - 'Diorama of an Art Exhibition'  Installation @ Santora Building, Santa Ana, CA

*August 2010 - 'No. 3' traveling group show @ Musee16, Long Beach, CA

*June 2010 - 'Diorama of an Art Exhibition' ~ Installation in old trailer, Long Beach, CA

*September 2009 - 'Research' @ the batteries, Marin Headlands, CA

*November 2008 - 'Bread Crumbs' solo show @ Musee16, Orange, CA

*August 2008 - 'Grackles' solo show @ Musee16, Orange, CA

*September 2007- 'Research' solo show @ Musee16, Portland, OR

*July 2007- 'Overkill' @ Jace Gace, Portland, OR

*April 2007- Wonderquest @ Wonder Ballroom, Portland, OR

*April 2007- 'The Traveling Menagerie' @ Musee16 in Portland,OR

*February 2007- 'Diorama of an art Exhibition' group show @ Musee16 in Portland,OR

*June 2006- Group show @ The Smell. Los Angeles, CA.

*February 2006- Group show @ Ric Rac, Pasadena, CA.

*May 2005- Grayland show, San Francisco, CA

*February- March 2005 'Open Season Productions' group show @ Koo's in Long Beach,CA

*December 2004-'Greetings from Grayland'[solo]@ The Boliver cafe and gallery, Santa Monica, CA

*November 2004-January 2005-'Saints and Sinners'

*October 2004- Nightmare on 18th Street@18th Street Arts Center, Santa Monica, CA

*September 2004-Group show, Organized by Act Now@ King King, Hollywood

*July 2004-Lost Women of Juarez@ The Mary Paxon Gallery, Norwalk, CA

*July 2004-'Lost Women of Juarez', Group show Auction@ Chapman University, Orange, CA

*January 2003-Boneshakers Exhibit@ The Broadland Hotel, Long Beach, CA

*October 2001-'Here' Guerila group show @ Linden St., Long Beach, CA

*September 2001-Pertinent Intervals@ 11-7 gallery, Long Beach, CA

*July 1999-'War'group show, organized by S.M.A.C.@ gallery row on u-haul, Echo Park, CA

*June 1999-Ninety Nine@ Miller Durazo gallery, Los Angeles, CA


*August 2018 - Sound installation @The Information Dept, Los Angeles CA

*March 2017 - Sound installation @The Information Dept, Los Angeles, CA

*February 2016 - Sound installation @The Information Dept, Los Angeles, CA

*March 2013 - A Black Pool sound & projection performance @ Musee16, Los Angeles, CA

*December 2012 - A Black Pool sound performance @ Musee16, Los Angeles, CA

*October 2012 -  Sound installation for Sound Maps, Solo Show @ University of Redlands, CA

*October 2012 -  Sound performance @ Musee16, Los Angeles, CA

*April 2007-   Sound installation/performance@ Musee16, Portland, OR

*March 2004- Song for 'The Original' show@Walled City, San Pedro, CA

*June 2003- Sound performance', Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana, CA.

*May 2003- Sound installation/performance, 'Altered Egos' show@Del Mar Theatre,

Los Angeles, CA


~~~print/cover artwork~~~

2017~ Making The Cut Vol 1 - The World's Best Collage Artists by Crooks Press Australia

2015~ The Exposure Award collection of Photographs

2015~ Kolaj Magazine, collage artist trading cards

2013~ Intransitive Recording, album cover artwork, For by Maile Colbert



2016~ 4th Juried Showcase Winner for ArtSlant for Mixed Media

2015~ The Exposure Award presented at The Louvre

2015~ 2nd Juried Showcase Winner for ArtSlant for Installation

2014~ 29th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition

2013~ 8th Juried Showcase Winner for ArtSlant for Installation

NOELLE MALINE : SOUND MAPS    Installation ~ at NW Film Forum                                                                                      


Noelle Maline’s installation Sound Maps is inspired by a story told by her mother. As recounted by Noelle, her parents were traveling in Czechoslovakia in the late 70’s. Shortly after they arrived and en route from the airport to their hotel, the taxi driver firmly instructed her mother and father  to only speak in whispers for the duration of their visit. As he explained, everything was bugged - - their hotel, the phone lines and, even the pipes running through. 


In 1970, it would have been another nineteen years before the fall of the Berlin Wall. The liberalization of Eastern Bloc was still a far off reality. In Czechoslovakia and other Eastern European countries, surveillance was woven into the fabric of everyday life and with deep psychological effects on people’s sense of freedom.  During this time of history, the wall between East and West Germany came to symbolize the physical marker of the ‘Iron Curtain’ (later to be referred to as the ‘Wall of Shame’) blocking the movement of freedom. Czechoslovakia was one of several countries marked by Soviet occupation after World War II and, with restrictions on emigration throughout the Eastern Bloc.


Metaphorically behind this Iron Curtain, stories were shuffled through the invisible threads that linked the intellectual minds and spirits of those alive and deceased. While literally, stories and voices were captured in wires through the mechanisms that took tabs on people’s thoughts, whereabouts, affiliations and future plans. Emigration and defection was still an active threat to the powers that be and, with any fluid movement of freedom under strict watch. 


Sound Maps touches this concept of freedom through references to different modes of communication, whether through stories secretly passed or layered in different planes of existence. While black ink is scribed over, across and in between faces and bodies captured within old black and white photographs, we understand that messages and information have been and are being passed. While images are frozen in time, the artist alludes to the idea that stories, voices and whispers are transmitted between tangible and intangible worlds. Similar to a secret agent collecting artifacts, a map of found images and pockets of objects builds a larger contextual story. We may not explicitly know the linear narrative, but we know the narrative is embedded within. 


Interspersed throughout the installation, Maline’s larger collage and mixed-media works further illuminate and become anchor points where identity and mystery congeal as moments of creative discovery. Perhaps, we (as the viewer) stop to pay homage to a time in history when the movement of freedom was not accessible and, to the untold stories therein. Meanwhile, it may compel one to reflect on current cultural and political shifts that leave us questioning ‘freedom’ as a taught ideological point of departure and possible reunification, barrier and emigration, deflection and return.